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Since there are sections of the two most influencial families of of GC, I could not forget the others that make it so fun to watch the Y&R. There are more to come, but for now enjoy!


Diane has had her name in the spotlight on many occations. She has been engaged to two of the most prominent men in Genoa City, first to Jack Abbott(twice), and then to Victor Newman (whom she married). She lost Victor to Nikki, and has always held a grudge. Because Nikki denyed Diane the only thing she ever wanted(a child). Diane has dispised Nikki for taking her only wish away, but for also taking Victor as well. She landed a board seat at Newman Enterprises after she divorsed Victor, with the help of of Michael Baldwin. She has also been a model for Jabot, and an captivating architect. As of late Diane has become pregnamt by Victor Newman's sperm , or so she thinks!

"Diane is not some whim"
-Victor Newman


The ever so good-looking Malcom Winters, did'nt get off at first by his good looks. He first showed himself in Genoa City when he came to see his brother Neil. Neil, at that time just landed his excecutive posistion at Jabot, and had more then enough to worry about. Malcom's wayward adolecent years made it hard for Neil to look his brother in his eye and trust him. Malcom insisted that he changed, but Neil begged to differ. Malcom scored points with Neil's wife, Dru, and her sister Olivia. They both took a liking to him, and both enjoyed his relaxed ways. In no time , Malcom scored himself a job as a photographer for Jabot. His girlfriend(at the time) Keesha ,whom he was madly in live with, broke news to him that she was dying from AIDS. Malcom was devestated , and when she was on her death bed, he married her. After this tragedy, another tragedy occured, Liv's husband Nathan died in a car accident.Malcom became a close friend to Liv in this hard time, and it slowly blossemed into a romance. They married and were a family along with little Nate. Now divorsed from Liv, Malcom is smittin' with her sis, Drucilla.


Phyllis is truly amazing. She is smart, coniving, and not to mention, beautiful. Phyllis made her return from New York City, back to her old stomping grounds, Genoa City. Now an Internet wizard, Phyllis is trying to make aime for herself at Jabot. Phyllis left Genoa City last, as an confused hurt woman. The reason for her hurting was due to the reltionship of Danny Romalatti and Christine Blair. Danny who left her , after she lied about her child's paternity, moved to England to get away from all the pain that she caused. Christine as we all know, marryed Paul Williams and gave Danny another reason to leave. A confused Phyllis sold out Jack, when she was manipulated by Victor Newman and had nothing left in Genoa. So, Phyllis packed her bags, and left for New York City. She became a successful business woman, but I guess she got bored. Phyllis now, is facing everything she left behind , two years ago. THE BITCH IS BACK!!!!!!


Today he is one Genoa City's most suave businessmen. Starting as a gardner in the Abbott's estate, Brad Carlton made his way up the ladder slowly, yet surly. While working as the "Hedge Clipper", Brad fell in love with with the youngest Abbott(at the time), Tracie. Although Brad was friend's with Ashley ,he always held a torch for Ashley. TRacie and Brad wed , and he became part of the family business at Jabot. Victor took a liking to brad and made him his right-hand man , along with Neil and Jack. Brad and Tracie experienced problems and therefore fell apart. He then fell for Cassandra Rollins in 1990. Cassandra passed on and left Brad her company (RA-tech) and he merged it with Newman Enterprises. He then let Tracie back into his life, but this time she was pregnant. After a few years Tracie left Brad, with their daughter Colleen, for a man named Steve Connelly. Brad gave up on his love life and foucused on his professional life and put many hard hours in. After a few years he fell for his bosses ex, Nikki Newman. They were to be wed, until a phone call changed eveything. Brad did'nt want to give up on Nikki, but her love for Victor was to strong! He left for a while and came back to Genoa in 1998. As usual, Nikki and Victor were having their share of problems near the Christmas holidays and Brad was able to sweep Nikki of her feet. He took her to Italy for more then a Christmas present. Presently, Brad is working for Jabot once again, whom he re-financed along side NIkki Newman. Brad's love life is in turmoil again, since he can't decide if he loves the new im-powered Nikki Newman, or the vunerable-broken Ashley Abbott.


Mackenzie Browning

A young and distraugt teen, who is very confused at this very moment. She started of as a teen who ran from home, and found herself at shelter. Upon her arrival there, a woman, by the name of Katherine Chancellor checked in as well. The two found that they had a lot in common and because of Mac sweet ways, Katherine took a liking to her instanly. They both discovered that they were related (Brocks daughter) and, when Katherine got her house back from Jill, she invited mac to come live with her. To this day, Mac is still in Genoa City, but for how long?
She has so many problems, thanks to Billy Abbott, and as we all know Mac is no stranger to running from her problems, in fact that is how she met Katherine, running from her mother. Jill, is known as her worst enemy, considering the fact that Jill is no stranger to making threats of bring her mother into the picture, on the other hand Britney Hodges takes a dislike to Mac as well. The current storyline now shows that Brittney is taking no victims because of Billy and Mac innocent romance. Because Mac is so sweet, we all hope things turn out for the better, for her and for Billy!